Adopt a whale shark

And support the project

You can adopt one of Nosy Be's whale sharks!

This one-off contribution means you-or the person of your choice- gets to name a shark with the name of your choice, for life! You will be sent monthly updates each season about your shark, as well as our regular newsletter and a certificate by email.

You can also simply adopt a shark who already has a name (someone said Michel?), a shark you liked, or a shark whose name you like. All the sharks on our database were given a name, as well as a data code starting with “MD” for Madagascar.

Name and adopt a whale shark

Thanks to your donation, you are directly contributing to our efforts in protecting whale sharks in Nosy Be. Your financial participation will go towards paying our small team and other experts who help us on various administrative levels, to replace scientific equipment such as underwater cameras for our volunteers, while ensuring our field season takes place every year.

We are incredibly thankful for your support, and we are glad to welcome you in our “whale shark family” as an adopter.

whale sharks left to adopt!

A unique way to support conservation efforts

To adopt a whale shark, there are 2 options :

-Adoption and naming: you (or the person of your choice) choose the name of a recently identified male or female whale shark in the waters of Nosy Be You are the exclusive godfather or godmother of the whale shark, a personalised certificate is made for you or the person of your choice. You will receive news of the whale shark adopted twice during the season (September to December), the price is 230 euros.

-Adoption only: you have the choice between one of the whale sharks already named and seen regularly during the season, you will receive a certificate of adoption and news once during the season. The price is 50 euros.

To complete the transaction, please wire the correct amount here. We will get in touch by email directly to finalise your certificate.

Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee resighting any shark at any time, whale sharks are wild and free 😉

Just drop us an email on for more information!